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Title: Recent 2nd Amendment News
Post by: FutureDanger6 on August 11, 2016, 11:24:22 pm
1-Aug-16   New ATF Head Brazenly Declares Need for Computerized Database of All Gun Transfers   [New American]
2-Aug-16   GAO Report: ATF is Secretly, Illegally Stockpiling Personal Gun Data   [Daily Caller]
3-Aug-16   NJ Township rejects firearms sales request, despite being next to other shops not 'specifically approved to operate'   [Asbury Park Press]
3-Aug-16   POTUS hits gunsmiths with burdensome & costly registration requirements   [Ammoland]
4-Aug-16   Gun Grabbing Legislators now confronting unenforceable firearm transfer law in Oregon   [Oregon Catalyst]
4-Aug-16   Officials say SD Law preventing 2nd Amendment infringement at city-owned buildings doesn't apply if privately managed   [Argus Leader]
4-Aug-16   Napolitano: POTUS Breaking Federal Law Prohibiting Govt from Compiling Gun Owner List   [The Blaze]
5-Aug-16   State of California blatantly lying to Federal Judges about Unconstitutional Open Carry Bans   [NewsBlaze]
9-Aug-16   Joshua Krause: Why the Government is Targeting Gunsmiths   [Daily Sheeple]
11-Aug-16   Judge allows arbitrary redefinition of 'armor-piercing' ammo by ATF   [Seattle Times]

Anyone noticing a pattern?