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Title: Welcome to the forum
Post by: Matthew Roomsburg on December 30, 2015, 09:08:06 pm
This is an open forum open to all things politics and Americas future. Everyone is welcome to post. I especially welcome prospective ,current and former key decision makers of the United States. Please be polite. The rules are as follows:
No seriously offensive language. (Yes, we all have bad things we want to say about our president, our congress and senate. However, I will have to ask all members to not use extremely offensive words)
No back seat moderating (especially on the official sub forum for presidential candidate disscussions from the actual candidates).
No threatening, harrassing, or bullying.
No trolling.
No topic hijacking or conversation hijacking.
No discriminating others of their race, sex, orgin, disability, or financial situation.
If you quote any famous phrases or pictures, please give credit to the sources of the content you post.

All input from voters and politicians are welcome as this is a politically neutral forum.